Saul Weiner, Markus Reuber, and Ellen Smets speakers at OCHER 2019

We are pleased to announce the keynote speakers at OCHER 2019 January 16-18, 2019. Saul Weiner is professor of medicine, pediatrics and medical education at the University of Illinois Chicago, and has over several years conducted the most extensive study to date of communication in real consultations, using it for quality improvement in the VA system. Markus Reuber is a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Sheffield. He has provided several very interesting studies of communication with patients with neurological impairment, using conversation analysis. Ellen Smets is a professor of clinical communication at the University of Amsterdam. She has provided a wide range of interesting studies on various aspects of clinical communication. Her focus is how research can help improve teaching of clinical communication. The three keynotes are some of the strongest researchers in the field of clinical communication worldwide, and we are lucky to have them all at OCHER together.