Extended Network

Collaborators and network participants in order of inclusion

Richard M. Frankel, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics, Senior Research Scientist
Regenstrief Institute, Indiana University School of Medicine
Associate Director, Center for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice
Richard L. Roudebush
Veterans Administration Medical Center
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Direct Phone: +1-317-988-4000, Cell +1-317-490-0150

Edward Krupat, PhD
Director, Center for Evaluation
Harvard Medical School
384 MEC, 260 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

Phone +1-617-432-1689
Fax +1-617-734-5224

Ed Krupat has several research interests. He is engaged in research to understand the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, in particular the measurement of attitudes and behaviors of both physicians and patients. In addition he is actively engaged in medical education research,  focusing on the medical school experience and the evaluation of innovations in medical education.
James A. Tulsky, MD
Professor of Medicine and Nursing
Chief, Duke Palliative Care

Duke University

Dr. Tulsky has a longstanding interest in doctor-patient communication and quality of life at the end of life, and has published widely in these areas.  His current research focuses on the evaluation and enhancement of communication between oncologists and patients with advanced cancer, identification of clinical, psychosocial and spiritual trajectories of patients at the end of life, development of self-management interventions for patients with life-limiting illness, and evaluating the role of palliative care in congestive heart failure.

Kathryn I. Pollak, PhD
Associate Professor
Duke Cancer Institute
Department of Community and Family Medicine

Dr. Pollak is a social psychologist who studies physician-patient communication.  She also develops behavioral interventions to promote smoking cessation and health behaviors that lead to weight loss.

Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD, MPH
Cancer Prevention Fellow, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Research Interests:  Provider-patient communication, patient-centered care, patient perspective and affective experience, cancer survivorship, nonverbal behavior, emotion recognition, analogue patient methodology

Dana Gelb Safran, Sc.D.
Senior Vice President
Blue Cross Blue Shield ofMassachusetts
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine

Dana Gelb Safran is Senior Vice President for Performance Measurement and Improvement at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA), where she leads the company’s initiatives to measure and improve healthcare quality, safety and outcomes.  Dr. Safran also retains an active academic practice, and is widely recognized as having contributed to the empirical basis for our nation’s push toward a more patient-centered health care system – and for developing measures of patient care experiences that are now used nationwide, accepted as a national standard for this area of measurement, and used by the Medical Boards as part of their recertification process for physicians.

Judith A. Hall
University Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Psychology
Northeastern University
Boston, MA02115  USA


Valerie van den Eertwegh
Trainer and PhD-researcher (development of communication skills training curricula)
Main research field: transfer of training and systematic implementation in the workplace. Influence of culture on transfer of communication skills training.


Rita Gorawara-Bhat, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist
Department of Medicine, Section of Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine
The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Areas of Interest:  1) Qualitative methodologies in healthcare, 2) Nonverbal communication in doctor-patient communication (development of nonverbal communication tools), 3) eye contact in doctor-patient interaction, 4) faculty development/training in nonverbal communication skills and qualitative methods 5) influence of physical settings in improving quality of patient care.

Sandra van Dulmen, PhD
Professor of Communication in Healthcare
Department of Primary and Community Care, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Professor II, Department of Health Sciences, Buskerud and Vestfold University College, Drammen, Norway
Research Coordinator at NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research), Utrecht, The Netherlands, www.nivel.nl
Secretary of EACH (www.each.eu)
Areas of interest: 1) Communication and (lifestyle and medication) adherence 2) Health interventions integrated in clinical care
3) Context factors influencing communication 4) Psychophysiological outcome measures 5) Person-centeredness and patient participation
Inger K. Holmström, PhD, RN

Professor in Caring Sciences
School of health, care and social welfare
Division of Caring Sciences
Mälardalen university, SE-721 23 Västerås, Sweden


Inger K. Holmström has a longstanding interest in person-centred care and communication, and in nursing management. She has particularly focussed on different aspects of telenursing care and communication. Current ongoing studies within this field includes patient safety aspects in relation to communicative practices, as well as gender differences in communication and outcome for callers. She is also a collaborating partner in the international project on person-centred communication in elederly care, which is led by professor Hilde Eide.


Clara Iversen, PhD
Researcher, Department of Sociology,
Uppsala University, Thunbergsv 3H, SE-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden

Clara Iversen is interested in practices that enhance and challenge participation in health care settings. Her current research concerns lifestyle discussions with older patients.
Annelie J Sundler, PhD, RN
Associate professor
Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare
University of Borås, Borås, Sweden


Jette Ammentorp, professor
Professor, Research Manager
Health Services Research Unit
Lillebælt hospital /IRS / University of Southern Denmark
Kabbeltoft 25, 7100 Vejle
Cell Phone +45 23845345

E-mail: jette.ammentorp@rsyd.dk <mailto:jette.ammentorp@fks.regionsyddanmark.dk>

http://www.sygehuslillebaelt.dk/wm222319 <http://www.sygehuslillebaelt.dk/wm222319>

Research interests: Development and assessment of methods to improve the communication between health professionals and patients. Has initiated a number of research projects aimed at practicing patient-centred communication and aimed at increasing patient involvement in the consultation.

Mary Catherine Beach, MD, MPH
Professor, General Internal Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

Research interests: Dr. Beach has a research program focused on patient-clinician communication with a theoretical focus on respect for persons, and a particular interest in the impact of clinician attitudes on decision-making and communication.

Marla Clayman, PhD, MPH
Senior researcher, Health Care Research and Evaluation
American Institutes for Research

Research interests: Dr. Clayman is a health services and health communication researcher with over a decade of experience in designing and carrying out studies related to patient engagement and healthcare decision making. The patient experience is central to her work.  Dr. Clayman is particularly interested in the conceptualization and measurement of shared decision making.