Enabling shared decision making in multiple sclerosis treatment
Grant 2014. Funding (Extrastiftelsen – MS-forbundet) PhD project.
Status: In its final stages. PhD student Jenny Nordfalk, neurologist.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

Communicating medical information to patients: an evidence-based toolbox of strategies (COMEINFO).
Grant 2019. Funding Helse Sørøst. Postdoc project. (Julia Menichetti, psychologist, PhD)
Status: Started December 2020. 2 published review papers. Data collection started.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

Many providers, confused information? Coordinated and tailored information with older patients in hospital-home transitions (MAPINFOTRANS).
Grant 2020. Funding (Norwegian Research Council) 3 years for 2 PhD students (Christine Frigaard, cand. pharm., Kristine Hjulstad, MD) and 1 50% researcher (Jennifer Gerwing, psychologist, PhD).
Status: Ethics and data privacy approval given. Start May 2021.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

Resident uncertainty: Roots, reasoning, and remedy (RURRR).
Grant 2020. Funding Helse Sørøst. PhD project. PhD student Sara Gilani (MD)
Status: Ethics approval given. Start September 2021.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (