Enabling shared decision making in multiple sclerosis treatment
Proposal 2014. Funding (Extrastiftelsen – MS-forbundet) 3 years PhD student. Start 2015.
Status: Jenny Nordfalk, consultant neurologist, recruited as candidate. Data for descriptive and experimental study collected. Analysis phase initiated.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

Person centered communication with older persons in need of healthcare care – Development of a research based education platform
Proposal 2012. Funding (Norwegian Research Council) 3 years PhD student. Start June 2013.
Status: PhD candidate Linda Hafskjold recruited. Data Collection finished.
Contact: Hilde Eide

Clinical encounter communication between specialist health service professionals and ethnic minority patients
Proposal 2011. Funding (Helse Sør-Øst) 50% 3 years postdoctoral student. Start March 2012.
Status: Several published papers. 2 in pipeline. Finished.
Contact: Jennifer Gerwing (, Pål Gulbrandsen (

Meeting migrants in health care
Proposal 2010. Funding (Norwegian Research Council) two 3 years PhD students. Start September 2011.
Status: Ten conference presentations. Four paper published, twopapers in pipeline.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (, Anne Marie Landm ark Dalby (, Erik Skjeggestad (

Verona Coding of Emotional Sequences (VR-CoDES)  studies
Several papers published. Work in several samples in progress. Contact: Arnstein Finset (

Clinical effects of clinician communication behaviour
Proposal 2009. Funding (Helse Sør-Øst) 3 years PhD student. Start June 2010.
Status: One paper published, one submitted, one in pipeline. Several conference presentations.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (, Eirik H. Ofstad (

The effect of the “Four Habits” communication skills training programme on how physicians respond to patients’ cues and concerns
Proposal 2008. Funding (Helse Sør-Øst, Akershus University Hospital) 1 ½ years postdoctoral student. Performed Jan 2009-July 2010.
Status: Two articles, first author Trond Mjaaland.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

User participation in decision making processes regarding medical treatment for cancer patients in a palliative stage.
Contact Ellen Kristvik (

Better clinical communication in hospitals
Proposal 2006. Funding (Helse Sør-Øst) 3 years PhD student. Performed Feb 2007-Oct 2011.
Generated a data set that is still subject of several projects.
Status: Four articles, first author Bård Fossli Jensen. Several conference presentations.
Contact: Pål Gulbrandsen (

Survivors of childhood cancer: Long-term needs for information and health care services
Postdoctoral study. Contact Hanne C. Lie (

Communication skills training as mental health intervention in general practice.
PhD study. Contact Tonje Stensrud (

Communication between young patients newly diagnosed with cancer and health care workers.
Phd study. Contact Live Korsvold (

With death as explicit or implicit theme – video analysis of hospital physician-patient dialogues.
Contact Sissel Steihaug (

Coping and health among young cancer survivors. patient behavior, parental reactions and communication with health care.
PhD study (2010-2014). Contact Anneli Mellblom (

A cultural taboo? The muted issue of alcohol abuse.
Postdoctoral study. Contact Anne Werner (

Empathy and positive reappraisal in clinical communication: Basic and clinical aspects.
Student project. Contact Arnstein Finset (

Development and execution of a wide range of communication skills training programs in academic and business contexts.
Contact Trond Mjaaland (