DICTUM – The Decision Identification and Classification Taxonomy for Use in Medicine – developed by Eirik Hugaas Ofstad and his coworkers. Download for free here.

Webpage of the European Association of Communication in Healthcare (EACH)

Webpage of the American Academy of Communication in Healthcare (AACH)

Webpage of the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE)

Australian website with great material for immigrant doctors needing to learn how to do medical communication in English. Video examples of how to take alcohol, depression, back pain and sexual history. Lists of English idioms and health idioms and much more.

Australian website with interesting material about how to communicate in emergency settings.

Do you speak/read French? Parlez-vous francais? Rich source of written material on communication in the French language here. The material is provided by SIFEM (Société internationale francophone d’éducation médicale), which is a member of the AMEE.

Do you speak/read German? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Here is a link to a Swiss website that features a good guide to medical communication.

Videos that demonstrate how patients can talk with doctors, at the Agency for Health Care
Research and Quality website.

Website focussing on the challenges related to communicating with cancer patients provided by the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA.

A series of very brief instructive videos developed by the Oncotalk research group on difficult conversations in oncology.