New research positions at Akershus University Hospital

The health services research group at Akershus University Hospital, in which Pål Gulbrandsen’s communication research group is embedded, has launched a call for 2-3 researchers. These positions are not locked to communication research, the quality of the applications will guide who will get the positions. But this is definitely an opportunity for researchers in the field of communication. We are continuously building a stronger group, now comprising three PhD students with background in medicine, linguistics, and professional ethics, as well as a senior anthropologist and a postdoctoral Canadian psychologist. We will focus our studies on the details of information exchange and shared decision making. Deadline for the application is March 23, 2014. Unfortunately the call is not available in English. We will probably give priority to Scandinavian speaking applicants (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), but are open for discussions with others. See call stillingsannonse_seniorforskere-våren 2014.