Oslo Communication in Healthcare Education and Research group is the name for an established collaboration between two parties. One is a health services research unit (named HØKH) located at Akershus University Hospital and connected to the Institute for Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo. The other is The Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine which is part of the Institute of Basal Medical Sciences at the University of Oslo and located in Domus Medica, adjacent to Oslo University Hospital – Rikshospitalet.

The two groups and their leaders (Pål Gulbrandsen and Arnstein Finset) have collaborated extensively since 2005. OCHER has received funding for three years from the regional health enterprise of Southeast Norway (Helse Sør-Øst) to build a project based network. We aim to build a network of communication researchers in medicine extending not only to our region, but to Norway and Scandinavia. To do so, we arrange annual research workshops near Oslo, the 5th is to be held in January 2016. This website is another step to create a joint site of interest for anyone interested in this field.